We help our clients not only make the best choice in favor of professional equipment, quality materials and more efficient technologies, but also to do everything for them to feel confident in the reliable partner in the face of “AUTO-EM” and the Department of Industrial Painting “TECHNO-EM” the company.
Along with sales materials and equipment required for stable operation of industrial enterprises, the company “AUTO-EM” provides a range of services including the following:
  • works on the preparation of project for the establishment or reconstruction of paint industries;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment purchased;
  • advice on the development of optimal schemes and technologies for each color and type of company products;
  • a detailed familiarization and training of early development of the purchased equipment;
  • operational coloring paint materials;
  • warranted and after warranted repair equipment purchased;
  • delivery of goods;
High quality work, thoughtful and accurate engineering solutions to meet its obligations is the key to lasting and productive cooperation with our company partners offer services.