Company AUTO-EM is the first who started to work on the Russian market of equipment and materials for painting cars. Having started in 1992, the company has rapidly developed expanded and accumulated experience.
In 1998, the company began commercial direction for industrial production of modern paint materials and technologies for protective and decorative painting of metal and concrete and professional painting equipment.
From the outset the company has made for himself two important tasks:
-         to offer only the best materials and best technology, trends of the market, while extending the maximum range of products and the number of suppliers;
-         to provide its partners with a set of services for organizations working with new equipment and its maintenance, which should contribute to achieving the best results in their work.
Many years of successful work of “AUTO-EM” in the market has proved in practice its main competitive advantages:
-         A wide range of equipment and materials from the best world producers;
-         The use of modern technology, providing high efficiency of partner companies;
-         Well-organized system equipped warehouses and logistics, capable of providing all the necessary partners, on demand and in the shortest time;
-         Transportation Service Company, seamlessly execute orders for the supply of equipment and materials;
-         Technical support center, constantly performing maintenance work partners and provide the necessary technical assistance on the spot;
-         Own training center and training for partners, organization of training and seminars;
-         Well-developed network of regional dealers and representatives;
-         Constant quality control of products offered;
-         Optimum price/ quality ratio;
-         Best and proven professionals.
At present, “AUTO-EM” is one of the leading companies in Russia on the market supply of material and equipment for repair and maintenance of vehicles and for industrial enterprises.
One of the priorities of “AUTO-EM” is making a joint with its partners contribution to the strengthening and development of civilized market of automobile repair services in Russia.
The company AUTO-EM is an associate member of Association “Russian Automobile Dealers” (ROAD), which includes more than 50 companies currently working on the car Russian market.
The main objective of the company AUTO-EM in the field of industrial painting technology is to create a modern efficient paint industrial production, the most qualified in terms of impact on the ecology of the environment and human health.